Digital X-Ray Laboratory

Instead of typical photographic film, digital X-ray sensors are utilised in this type of X-ray imaging.

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Digital X-Ray Laboratory

Instead of typical photographic film, digital X-ray sensors are utilised in this type of X-ray imaging.
Instead of traditional photographic film, digital X-ray sensors are employed. Its benefits include the ability to digitally transfer and enhance photographs while saving time by skipping chemical processing. The main beginning point for identifying a number of health conditions, including pneumonia, is radiography with X-ray. It's a radiography technique that falls within the category of digital radiography. Because of its inexpensive cost, X-ray technology is widely available in the medical community. It's completely noninvasive, safe if not overdone, and delivers images swiftly, allowing us to spot problems immediately. Traditional X-rays, which used film to record images of the body's internal components, were first found in the early 1900s. Digital radiography has grown more efficient, cost-effective, and even more accurate as a result of the incorporation of computer technology.

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    Dr ShivaKumar SM is a Radiologist with over 17 Years Of Experience with a specialization in 4D and Fetal scans.

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    A Consultant at Fortis Hospital and St. Marthas Hospital, among other prestigious institutions in Bangalore.

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Vivek srivatsa patient

*Vivek srivatsa
Dr. Shivkumar is an excellent doctor, his patience is to be appreciated. He takes very good care of the patient. The diagnostic centre is very friendly and clean. I personally recommend 4D diagnostic centre. The images are of high quality and the reports are of highly detailed. The staff attended us very kindly. Thank you 4D.

Hamsa Vasishta

*Hamsa Vasishta
We had a wonderful experience at 4D Diagnostic Centre. Dr.Shivakumar is way too friendly and cooperative. As first time parents, we were very excited to see our little one during the scan and the doctor made it a beautiful and a memorable experience. We were given ample amount of time and all our queries were answered with a smile. The centre is hygienically well maintained and equipped with high-end equipments. Looking forward for our remaining scannings at 4D and strongly recommend this place for all the expecting parents.

aishwarya kuna

*Aishwarya kuna
It is an amazing experience with the scan I highly recommend women to visit here

mahesh bl

*Mahesh bl
I visited 4D Diagnostics for an X-Ray and Dr. Shivakumar was very kind to attend to me. The staff were very helpful and courteous. I would definitely recommend 4D Diagnostics to everybody. Thank you very much 4D!!

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